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Protecting Our Children From the Internet!

Protecting our children from the Internet


Protecting our Children Online Protecting our Children Online

Protecting our children from the Internet sounds a bit weird at first, like we're fighting off some evil monster, but it quickly becomes apparent just how harmful the Internet can be, especially for children. The reality is that there are so many ways one can get into trouble, be manipulated or hurt from online interactions. Having to protect our children from the Internet is one of the most important things we will ever have to do as parents! The Internet has drastically changed the way our children interact with the world. Don't get me wrong, the Internet has many advantages, so many great things to offer, it gives our children access to in-depth knowledge, tools to express their creativity, and access to people all over the world. However, aside from offering fascinating, new ways to connect with the world, the Internet also brings risk!  With access to the family computer, tablets, and cell phones, these six and 7 year old children can be in danger if not monitored close enough.


It is our responsibility as parents, to ensure the safety of our children.  In order to successfully broach the topic of online safety, try following these steps.

1. Research
2. Set Rules and Boundaries
3. Secure devices  (cell phones, tablets, computers, monitors, gaming systems)
4. Communication (having "the" talk)

Before you begin to set rules for your children and their online safety, first you will need to do your "homework". Sit down with a good cup of coffee, a notepad (why not go old-school for this task) and oh what-the-heck, bring your laptop too. Make a list of all the things that could pose as a potential threat, especially to children. Include in that list the games or websites your child visits. These are a good starting point for establishing some of your rules.  Setting strict rules for your young children's Internet adventures protects them from inappropriate content, cyberbullies, identity thieves and child predators. Installing popup blockers and reminding your little-ones to never, ever give out their real name, age, or address online is a solid start.

I've Put Together a Starter List on How to Begin Taking Safety Measures:

  1. Teach them to keep private info private 
  2. Take advantage of your browser's parental controls. 
  3. Be involved in your child's online chat sessions.
  4. Install mature content filtering software.  
  5. Don't let your kids shop online without you.
  6. Stay the course:  Don't set it and forget it (stick to your rules).

As with any of lifes important tasks, the follow-through is usually THE toughest part. The clock starts the minute you
set the rules and lucky for you that clock never sleeps. Hey, no pressure!!

Do you remember seeing the cartoon with a dog by a computer and the caption reads "The Beauty of the Internet is no-one knows you are a Dog".

Dog on the internet On the Internet, nobody knows            you're a dog!

People may not be what they seem and the 10 year old girl you are chatting with could be a 60 year old man, or worse, a man with bad intentions.

The immediacy of social media platforms, coupled with vulnerable youngsters who are socially inexperienced and not fully developed emotionally, can
create a combustible mix. Kids often self-reveal before they reflect, and millions of kids say and do things they later regret. The permanence of
what anyone posts online and the absence of an "eraser" button mean that the embarrassment and potential damage can last forever.

I've written this post and shared great advice from internet safety authorities as well as concerned parents with just one thing in mind, the safety of our children! Every week sends emails with a new Weekly Safety Tip. In just one short paragraph you will learn new tricks for avoiding cyber attack and protecting yourself and your business online. Sign up to receive our free Weekly IT Security Tips emails, you'll love them so much you'll even look forward to getting one each week!  You could be the hero who saves your company one day!!

The online world parallels the real world and there are both safe and unsafe things out there!  Practice online safety for yourself, your children and your company!   If you are a small or medium business, looking for IT Support, a Managed Service Provider, Connections for Business provides 27/7/365 care to South Florida.   Request a Free Assessment today, there is NO OBLIGATION.  Or call us directly at (954)920-9604

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