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How We Express Our Appreciation: With Outstanding Service

January 28, 2016 David's Desk

With Valentine's Day coming up right after the Super Bowl, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for all those clients that support our business. In addition, I wanted to make some quick announcements about this year's philosophy as one of the region's most well-established MSPs.

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Five Shortcuts to Losing Your Data (Yes, You Read That Right)

August 04, 2015 David's Desk

Though our title is rooted in sarcasm, it’s designed to get your attention on this key topic: preventing data loss.  

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What is a Geek?

July 06, 2015 David's Desk

Gēk/ - noun - an individual who is highly intelligent (brainy) and technically oriented. They are most often associated with the computer, and computer systems world; engaged in computer-related tasks or with great attention to technical detail.

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Blurred Lines

June 09, 2015 David's Desk

Ever have an employee buying something on eBay at work? How about checking their online profile on a dating site?  The recent Hillary Clinton email scandal made me think of how the lines between people's business and personal lives are becoming blurred in part, by technology. In case you had not heard, Ms. Clinton had exclusively used a private email account while serving as Secretary of State.

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What to do with Charlie

April 15, 2015 David's Desk

Our family just bought a new short-haired greyhound / lab mix, an adorable puppy named Charlie.  Like most puppies, Charlie is extremely enthusiastic, eager to please, and a just a tad bit out of control.

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Is the Internet Changing our Memory?

March 11, 2015 David's Desk

Remember when we needed to remember things? The other day I was standing in the grocery store and went completely blank as to what I came to buy. I had not captured a list in my phone, and had to call my wife to get it.

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Data Backup Trends for Small and Medium Businesses

March 11, 2015 David's Desk

A consulting firm recently surveyed 412 technology and business professionals responsible for the technology needs of small (99 or fewer employees) and small mid-market (100 to 250 employees) organizations in North America.

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Take a 'Byte' Out of Crime

February 19, 2015 David's Desk

You wouldn't think that hackers are trying to get into your fridge, but they are (check out 

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Take the Productivity Plunge in 2015

December 05, 2014 David's Desk

As 2015 begins, some of us feel the motivation that comes along with a new year, while others resist making New Year's Resolutions. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the New Year. However, true entrepreneurship requires productivity and motivation.

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Something's "Phishy" this Holiday Season

November 11, 2014 David's Desk

The other day a friend invited me to go fishing. And while sitting around for hours baking in the sun, waiting for what seems like forever for a “bobber to bob” – may be fun for some, to me it’s just not top of the list for activities I’d do on a Saturday afternoon. (No offense to the fishing aficionados!)

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