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Benefits of an On-Call Help Desk

April 23, 2024


One of the first things that we hear is a complaint issue from firms who are growing firms who are, who are scaling up is I've outgrown my IT guy.  It's not that they don't like him anymore. It's just, I've outgrown him and why have they outgrown him. Well, because they're calling and he can't respond fast enough.

And so it's absolutely critical for a business in my, in my position to be able to offer as a service to my clients, to have a dedicated help desk that could answer those calls. In a timely fashion and by timely, what I'm looking at is in the, in that one-hour neighborhood, one hour or under, we strive for a 15-minute answer, if not immediate, but within 15 minutes is what we strive for internally.

Contractually, we do it at fit at an hour. And that's about a reasonable number of reasonable rate for small business.

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