IT Support for Cloud Based Solutions in South Florida

New Ways to Leverage the Cloud to Your Company’s Advantage

It wasn’t too long ago that South Florida companies began to leverage the power of data servers for storage to fuel the growth of business. And as business expanded in the early 2000’s, internal servers became more challenging to manage internally, so we turned to server farms. But even those reached capacity as we headed into the realm of ‘big data’ in the post 2008 crash world. That’s when IT managers, CTO’s and CEO’S began ‘looking to the clouds’ to cloud storage solutions to aid future growth.

Not the fluffy white ones. Rather, cloud services. And not only for storage. We also looked to applications such as Microsoft Azure to test and deploy applications. All was good.

Cloud solutions support services

IT Services for Small and Medium Sized Florida Businesses

However, it wasn't as good for smaller businesses. While cloud support options were out there, they didn't have the internal staff to handle operations. In turn, they relied on outdated hardware and applications that could fail. And those resulted in loss of productivity and income.

Today, small to medium-sized businesses know better for two reasons. One, they spoke to other companies their size on their data storage and application development capabilities. They responded with terms like cloud solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Two, once they learned about cloud solutions, they turned to IT companies like ours for cloud management and support. And we presented them with several low-cost and efficient solutions. This allowed business owners to develop their platforms and client bases instead of being IT managers.

Leverage Cloud Based Support Solutions for Your Business

From apps to phone systems, to servers, to networks, building your tech environment in the cloud is the way to go for a modern, South Florida business.

Whether you want to use Microsoft Cloud or another solution, we have the staff and the tools to reach goals and success you want. To know how, here are three ways the cloud can work for your business.

1. Development Across Many Channels

Many South Florida businesses rely on employees working remotely for all or part of the work week. Running a dedicated server and network for their use is too cumbersome and expensive. This is another place where cloud solutions come in.

Microsoft Azure allows your workers to collaborate from different parts of the world. All they need is a login and password to access the needed information.

2. Cloud Services Multiple Capabilities

Cloud services are more than just simple storage systems. We can help you discover innovative ways to help your business leverage this new power and support you and your staff through the exploratory process of learning about cloud solutions and then with ongoing support and maintenance of your new or existing systems.

Maybe you need it for regular conferences to discuss projects. Or, it helps to put together creative projects for design or marketing. The cloud can even be used to secure the business' private records from malicious activity.

3. No Need to Hire in-house IT Personnel

Most small businesses don't have the budget for an in-house IT team. That's where our cloud and SaaS support capabilities come in.

We hire and train the best cloud support IT tech superheros in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach area to handle our cloud support customers. Be it Microsoft Cloud or another product, they work with you to determine the best configurations for your data and collaboration. This results in a platform that grows with your business.

As we move further into the Internet of Things (IoT), the bulk of data and collaboration will be handled in the cloud. In addition to being a more secure environment for interaction, it permits multiple employees at varied locations utilize an array of applications and utilize tools that increase productivity. Consider an experienced cloud support IT team like ours to help you manage your new tech.

When you're ready, give us a call at 954-920-9604 for a free quote. We'll examine your current tech setup and provide an estimate on cloud solutions and ongoing support that will help you today and tomorrow as you improve and expand your South Florida business.