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On The Road: Jody Johnson of Action Coach

April 20, 2011

The Master of Disaster visits Action Coach at the famous Biltmore Hotel



Since they tore down The Cubicle of Doom to make room for our expanded ConnectCare Response Center, Rocco and The Master of Disaster have been homeless. We put out the call to our vendors and clients for help and the response has been amazing. We have been getting invitations to visit their offices to shoot our blog and highlight their companies.

I jumped at the chance to shoot an interview with Jody Johnson of Action Coach, the world’s number one business coaching firm. Jody shares her insights and strategies for helping her clients thrive even in this challenging economy. So, if you are interested in repeatable success, team building and making 2011 the best year yet for your organization, this two part series is for you!

This was shot at the beautiful, historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. Jody had so much great information to share with my viewer, I had to break it into two parts. Be sure to catch both.





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