Who’s the Top Rated IT Services Company in Pembroke Pines?

The population of Pembroke Pines is booming. In 1999, there were only 121,000 people in the area.  As of 2019 there are close to 180,000! One of the reasons for the surge in population is the attractive business climate and abundance of jobs in the area. In fact there were 39,648 jobs available in Pembroke Pines on Indeed.com in early 2019. All of these employers require reliable and top rated IT services to ensure their employees are at peak productivity.

Types of Companies We Assist with IT Services

Several major companies are headquartered in Pembroke Pines including Claire's Stores, the specialty jewelry and accessories retailer, Spirit Airlines, Stemtech International Nutrition Products, and Memorial Healthcare System. From large corporations to small entrepreneurial ventures, companies of all sizes require either in house IT teams, outside consulting or IT managed services to run their core business functions.

IT Managed Services Company Pembroke Pines Florida


The Atria Office Building on Pines Blvd. west of 75 in Pembroke Pines Information Technology includes tangible and intangible factors to help your organization succeed and create the results your customers require. Everything from the culture of your company to its efficiency is affected by your use of technological infrastructure.

What are the 4 Core Areas of Information Technology in Business Today?

At Connections for Business in nearby Hollywood, Florida we organize the core essentials of IT into these 4 Pillars::

  • Recoverability
  • Reliability
  • Productivity
  • Security

Recoverability - Can your company recreate your business information architecture and communications systems if there is a natural disaster or other business catastrophe? A devastating hurricane in Pembroke Pines is not beyond the realm of probability, so your IT tech team should manage to be prepared for it just in case.

Reliability - Are you able to access your data without any hiccups? Are you able to use your systems when and where you need to. If not, you may require consulting help with creating reliable tech infrastructure from servers to NOC.

Productivity - Productivity is the successful enabling of your employees and contractors, processes, technology and products to flow effortlessly throughout your enterprise.

Security - These days, security is a core concern for almost any South Florida business. Some area companies are required to have a certain level of compliance, such as healthcare companies with HIPAA requirements. Even if your company does not operate in a regulated industry it’s still important to ensure your company is protected and integrates security best practices.

Experience. Trust. 5 Star Reviews - Connections for Business

From best in breed security to help desk support, from back office systems to data backups, Connections for Business is trusted to serve as the top outsourced IT team for many businesses and corporations in Pembroke Pines. Our IT Support Services are available for a flat monthly fee.

If you want productivity and growth for your South Florida company without worrying about the hassles of IT, call us and learn more about our amazing ConnectCare® IT service. We’re ready to help!

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