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5 Questions To Ask When Your Hacked

September 06, 2019


Every business in South Florida ( and around the world ) is being attacked right now.


Everyone. From banks in Boca Raton to tech companies in Fort Lauderdale to energy companies in Hong Kong.

Don’t believe me?

Check your tech telemetry.

You do have tech telemetry in place don’t you?

Now just because you’re being attacked doesn’t mean the hacker has entered your environment.

But eventually an attack will get through.

You see, hacking is a numbers game.

It may be as simple as an email than lands in your co-workers inbox.

Or someone clicking on a web link.

Like I said.

It’s a numbers game.

So when the attack happens ( and it will ), you’ll need to answer the following 5 questions:

And the sooner you do, the better off you’ll be.

  1. What is the attack?
  2. How did it get in?
  3. How did it spread?
  4. Who did it impact?
  5. What's the risk to my business?

Hacking attacks are about Information, menace or money.

Understanding what the threat is all about helps in 2 ways:

1. First, it helps to resolve the issue.

2. Second, it helps in knowing how to defend against it going forward.

When an hacking attack happens my advice is this:

Stay calm.

Then, work with your IT tech partner to answer and understand these 5 questions as quickly as possible.

This will help to get everyone on the same page.

Knowing the answers to these 5 security breach related questions will in turn help your IT provider to write up a post mortem on the security event.

The post mortem should include the answers to these 5 questions as well as go forward recommendations on how to reduce the liability of the hacking issue happening again.

One more time.

The 5 questions to ask when you’re hacked are.

What is the type of hack?

How did it get in?

How did it spread?

Who did it impact?

What's the risk to my business?

Be safe.

Be secure.

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