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July 26, 2011

Interview with John Motazedi - Lessons from Joplin, Missouri

At a recent Technology Conference in Nashville, I had the opportunity to sit down with John Motazedi of SNC Squared. John is one of our peers based in Joplin, Missouri. He was at ground zero when the devastating tornadoes struck on May 22, 2011.

Much of the town was simply leveled. However, John had his clients functioning again with no loss of data within the first 72 hours. How did he do it? What lessons can every business owner learn from this?

John has three simple lessons that every business owner should know BEFORE a disaster strikes. Be sure to share this with your Operations Manager and any other team members concerned about disaster preparation.

If you are a business leader who is willing to share your vision with my viewers and have your company highlighted, let me know.



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