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April 14, 2014 Managed IT Services





Dear Clients and Friends,

I'm pleased to announce that we've given the Connections Logo & Brand a significant makeover!  This transformation will be completed with the launch of a brand-new website in June of this year.  We realized we needed a brand that better reflected the innovative, creative team and services we offer.

Our new look takes one of the most iconic symbols in the tech world - the Power button - and incorporates it into Connections' new identity.  Why green?  It is vibrant, new and defines who we are today, and where we're going.  With the change, we're taking a 35+ year legacy and improving upon it.  We look forward to delivering to our valued South Florida clients our unique IT services, honoring our brand promise of the new tagline, "The Power of Worry-Free IT."

Thank you for your continued support!

David Bennett
President of Connections

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