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June 21, 2024

For years, I always would talk to folks about the primary pillars of IT. The three-legged stool would be the reactive support helpdesk, the proactive support, and then the strategic support IT leadership side. There has been a fourth that's really developed, and it stands on its own at this point, which is security.

And I say a fourth just because we're staffing for it specifically, with specific full-time resources, managing the security standards and framework and everything else because they are complicated. Complicated because we're trying not to create additional noise for our customer. But we still have to go ahead and secure all these things.

So think of it about, think about that. If you want to use a simple analogy, this is somebody who's going around checking that the doors are locked, that there's no bad guys who are trying to break in guards who are walking their rounds is probably a simple example of what that might be like in our world, that's absolutely critical.

It's just behind the scenes for most of our clients.

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