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Data-loss Disasters... It helps to be Prepared!

March 23, 2017 Backup

Connections-For-Business-Data-loss Disaster Preparedness

Natural disasters tend to need backup plans!

It's no secret that natural disasters (any kind of them by the way) should all have one thing in common, a backup plan, because, well, you're dealing with something unpredictable--nature. Being confident in your goals should not prevent you from isn't so two-dimensional. A brilliant friend of the family started his company from his garage in 2004 and within 6 months he’d outgrown it, forcing him to lease an office space close to home, which at the time was in Broward County, Florida. His one man operation turned into a forty man operation in less than 2 years. You could say that he was on the fast track to success, in a beautiful high-rise building in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately Bill’s company didn’t have a BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) plan, this three letter acronym that every managed IT services provider knows so well. In October 2005, South Florida was hit by Hurricane Wilma, the most damaging storm to hit Broward County since Hurricane King in 1950, and Wilma destroyed residential and commercial property in its path. Bill’s office building suffered tremendous damage and because they didn’t have any offsite backup, they lost everything.

An effective Backup and Disaster Recovery plan is essential to virtually every business.

While a good BDR (backup and disaster recovery plan) wouldn't have prevented a natural disaster from occurring, it would’ve protected their data and ensured that downtime didn’t compromise their company. Bill’s company wasn’t so lucky. Having backup plans are creative "oh crap" buttons. Backup plans are not an admittance of failure, but a smart and creative solution to a potential problem. Whether it’s a flood, earthquake, hurricane, blizzard, or any other extreme natural disaster, these uncontrollable circumstances can cause your business to experience downtime. And, according to the National Archives and Records Administration, more than 90 percent of companies that experience at least seven days of data downtime go out of business within a year. Let that sink in.

With the rise of big data, cloud computing, and BYOD policies in the workplace, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to protect their data. Protect your data by having a back-up plan!   Contact us today to find out how to protect your data!

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