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'Cleanup' By Google Helps South Florida Businesses

January 30, 2018 Tech Tips

Google Chrome Has a “Security System” for Your Computer

If you’ve got a sophisticated alarm system in your home, chances are you’ll sleep better knowing that its technology will set off a loud siren, alert the emergency responders and most likely scare your intruder away.  With cyber threats on the rise, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a “security system” for your computer too? You worry about all the different ways you can be victimized.  The simple truth is, the more proactive we are in practicing online safety, the safer we will be. 

Google has a new “alarm system” of sorts, created to help keep Windows users from cyber threats. Google Chrome Web Browser has a new security tool that lets it’s users know of any potential threats. This sophisticated Chrome Extension is called 'Chrome Cleanup’ and it will tell its’ users when it finds potentially threatening, unwanted or malicious software. That’s not all!  it’ll also remove the threat for you. The technology is powered by ESET, who provides the search giant with the engine for the cleaner.

Why should you use this tool?

It’s simple really.  Every day cyber-attacks become more complex and more impossible to detect.  Unwanted software impacts the browsing experience of millions of web users on Windows every day. Sometimes the effects of the harmful software are often so subtle that it’s almost impossible to detect. Before you know it, you’ve been lead down a dark path, having been directed to dangerous websites where you are unable to escape. You are trapped while malicious software is installed onto your device. Google Chrome Cleanup is an additional line of defense, it is not to be used in lieu of antivirus software. 

In a nutshell, Google Chrome Cleanup uses technology to identify and eradicate suspicious software from your computer running a Windows OS. Detect, Remove and Confirm, helps to keep you safe! 

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