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How VPN Deployment Improves Business Productivity

December 05, 2014

Anytime, anyplace network access gives employees great flexibility regarding when and where they perform their job functions.

VPNs accommodate "day extenders", employees who desire network access from home after hours and weekends to perform business functions such as answering e-mail or using networked applications. Using VPN technology, employees can essentially take their office wherever they go, thus improving response times and enabling work without interruptions present in an office environment.

VPNs also provide a secure solution for providing limited network access to non-employees, such as contractors or business partners. With VPNs, contractor and partner network access can be limited to the specific servers, Webpages, or files they are allowed access to, thus extending them the network access they need to contribute to business productivity without compromising network security.

Connections for Business offers a variety of remote-access VPN solutions customized for small, medium-sized, and large organizations. Our remote-access solution features include Web-based client-less access and full network access without pre-installed desktop VPN software, threat-protected VPN to guard against malware and hackers, and single-device solutions for both SSL and IPSec-based VPNs that deliver robust remote access and site-to-site VPN services from a single platform.

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