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WIFI users at Risk With This New Threat...

November 08, 2017 Security

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Just when you think you’ve got a better handle on Cyber Security! Now you can add WI-FI to the list of what makes us vulnerable to cyber-attack. This new attack, dubbed by experts, as “KRACK” is real and you’re going to want to read this! If you’re one of the 6.8 billion people who own a smartphone or one of the 300+ million global WI-FI users then you’re at risk along with the rest of the world!

Wireless connectivity has become a vital aspect of everyday life, long past are the days of dial-up Internet. Wi-Fi provides us with on-the-go connectivity, and now we have to worry about our data and personal information being at risk from hackers when using WI-FI! Every WI-FI Connection is “potentially” at risk!   The scariest part, is at this present time there’s no escaping it (unless you go offline).

Apples, Android and Windows software are susceptible to some form of vulnerability, which sadly cannot be fixed by changing a password.

Click here to read the full article and learn how to stay as safe as possible!

Sadly, When We Said Goodbye to October, We Also Said Goodbye to Cyber Awareness Month!

Allow me to begin by saying that every month should be Cyber Awareness Month.  You don't go on a "Cyber Defense Holiday!" You should be in protection mode every minute of every day.  Period.  Connections for Business is always offering FREE help in these crucial, cyber-vulnerable times.   I can’t tell you how many clients we’ve acquired simply because their IT experts weren’t up-to-speed on current best practices for cyber security and because of this they had exposed millions of dollars worth of data! Companies like Equifax® and Yahoo! thought they were safe, and look what happened to them.  When you call Connections for Business, we will review and test your infrastructure for any points of vulnerability.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your IT staff has it covered; you can’t afford that kind of uncertainty. We can schedule a private audit at your office. Call us at: 954-920-9604. Click here or call us today to schedule a free Cyber Security Assessment.


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