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October is National Cyber Security Month, Scary Facts Could Lead to Wiser Decisions!

October 12, 2017 Security, Tech Tips

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month.  I guess "scary" doesn’t just apply to Halloween these days.  One of the scariest things this season is knowing how insecure our financial information can be.  Recently Equifax revealed that more than 143 million consumer accounts were compromised in a breach and then last week Yahoo announced that every single one of its' user accounts were breached back in 2013.  This news isn't easy to swallow because it's serious.  Serious threats to personal data are at an all-time high. Everyone, including individuals and businesses of all sizes, needs to remain diligent in their protecting themselves from hackers and privacy breaches.

I thought I would share some great resources to help protect you and your business!  Check out some of these websites:

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Now that you’re faced with the knowledge that Equifax, the credit giant and Yahoo both recently fell victim to cyber-criminal activities, leaving millions of their users exposed and at risk.   What would you do now to protect your clients’ information and safety?   What would you do differently?   Are you certain, without a doubt that your data and your users’ information is safe?

If you have a South Florida business with 20 or more employees and computers and you want to get a FREE IT Infrastructure Audit and security risk assessment, please visit Connections for Business today to schedule an appointment.  No questions are silly.  We are here to help make you and your business feel safe.


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