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Reflections on Hurricane Irene

August 31, 2011

Did Hurricane Irene Get Your Attention?

People will be talking about Hurricane Irene for years to come. And, not just its direct victims. A Hurricane in Vermont!?! Not only will they be talking about, they’ll be recovering from it. The damage to infrastructure and lives is enormous and tragic.

In the midst of all this destruction has come the armchair-quarterbacking calling the coverage of "Irene Hype." Nothing could be further from the truth. The desperate calls for evacuations and preparations were right on the money.

Join Master of Disaster, Jonathan Garber as he rips into this myth of over-hyping disaster preparation and puts Hurricane Irene in its proper context. Learn why, as a business leader, you have Five Times the need for Disaster Preparation and a Business Continuity Solution for your company.

You are encouraged to share your reflections on Hurricane Irene in the comments section. If you know of an outstanding organization or company that provides Disaster Related Services that should be featured here, let me know!  (Click here for video: httpv://

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