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Tech Tips - May 2014

Time-Saving Tech Tips for Your Keyboard!

You're going to love these tips!  Check out some cool typing and keyboard shortcuts – some simple time-saving tricks you may not be aware of:

Cycle through open windows Pressing ALT+TAB allows you to cycle through currently open windows. This makes switching back and forth between running processes quick and painless. If you want a more stylish method, try Windows + TAB.

Close the current program Typing ALT + F4 will close the program that is running. Beware, some people will use this as a joke, telling you to press ALT + F4 to fix a problem. Don’t fall for it.

Delete an entire word Want to delete an entire word? Instead of deleting one letter at a time, try pressing CTRL + BKSP – this will delete the entire word behind the cursor.

Paste plain text of what was copied Ever try to paste text that you have copied from the Internet into a document or email? Have you gotten some kooky formatting? There is a quick and easy way to paste as plain text, press CTRL + Shift + V instead of the standard CTRL + V, and the system will paste unformatted text.

Move Cursor to beginning of the next or previous word Moving the cursor around manually while typing is a great way to make your work take longer than it needs to. To speed up the process, move the cursor around with keyboard shortcuts. To move it to the beginning of the previous word, use CTRL + Left Arrow. To move it to the beginning of the next word, use CTRL + Right Arrow.

Fix those little mistakes You most likely know that CTRL + Z is ‘undo’ for your last typed text. But did you the shortcut can undo almost any action? CTRL + Z is the ultimate hot key, if you accidentally delete or move a file, you can hit CTRL + Z to bring it right back to where it was.

Minimize all windows Sometimes you have a bunch of stuff running, and you want it all to go away so you can get to the desktop. Simply pressing Windows + D will minimize everything you open, which will save you some time pressing the minimize button for each window.

Bring up the system information window Someone asking you what Windows Version you are running? Need to know your computer specs – RAM? Memory? And you can’t remember? This shortcut makes it so much faster. Just press Windows + Pause/Break and the System Information panel will pop right up. This might be the only use for the Pause/Break key you will ever find, so enjoy it!

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