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April 11, 2024 Tech Tips, IT


You know, I'm often asked the question, "Dave, for a company that's been around as long as yours has we've been around since 1977, does that give you an advantage or does that hold you back?" And it's interesting because it doesn't mean that we're a bunch of old guys. It means that we've been around the block.

We've seen a lot in our time. You're the old guy when you don't change.  And what's interesting about our, the makeup of our company, the people who are in our company is they love what's new, so they're not afraid of change. But what that longevity has given us, those who are the older dogs in the organization, like myself, what it does give us is it gives us a, we've seen that we've seen how this has progressed.

We've seen how this has developed over time, multiple times. So you can start to, I'm not going to say we're perfect, but I would, I would definitely say we certainly see trends in technology. That mirrors things we've seen in the past, which allows us to anticipate what's going to happen with them.

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