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The “Four Letter Word” Business Owners Are Using To Make Their Computer Frustrations Disappear

February 18, 2010

Admit it. When your computer is behaving badly, a few choice four letter words have been known to come out of your mouth. While these mini-outbursts may provide temporary relief from your computer frustration, there is one four letter word that offers a more permanent solution. The word is “HaaS”.

“HaaS” is an acronym for “hardware as a service,” a new way business owners can gain financial benefits and peace of mind when purchasing computers, servers, and network equipment. Like businesses who lease their computer equipment, HaaS customers also pay monthly for their infrastructure. This allows them to keep more cash in their pocket and gives them the tax advantage of converting a typical capital expense into an operational expense. But unlike leasing, HaaS can also alleviate computer headaches in these three ways:

  1. No more expensive surprise upgrades. If your computers or server don’t meet the minimum hardware requirements when your line of business software releases an upgrade, you could be forced to lay thousands of dollars that weren’t in your budget. With HaaS, your computers are automatically replaced with new ones every 3-4 years, ensuring compatibility with almost any software refresh.
  2. Dealing with warranties are a thing of the past. With a HaaS program, you get your equipment AND the service included in the monthly cost. Anything that goes wrong with the computer (like the inevitable computer crash just days after your warranty expires) is the provider’s problem to resolve. Plus, since HaaS computers are replaced regularly by your provider, you don’t have to settle for refurbished parts or old computers for very long.
  3. easy-to-understand invoice.  For those of you who already pay for your computer support on a monthly basis, you know how much easier that is to manage versus receiving dozens of confusing hourly invoices. HaaS makes it even easier by eliminating the need for most  hardware and even some software invoices, giving you a truer budget number for IT related expenses.

Think of it like this: Purchasing your computers with a HaaS program is like having a condo. You get control of what goes in it, yet you don’t have to worry about maintenance, building code issues, or updating the exterior. Plus all your services and amenities are included in just one monthly fee.

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