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To Virtualize, Or Not to Virtualize?

October 02, 2014 Managed IT Services

To Virtualize, Or Not to Virtualize?

Hamlet never would have asked this specific question, but in today's world it's really important if you’re running a small business. Most businesses we work with feel overwhelmed as to where to begin when it comes to Virtualization.  As recently as a couple of years ago, clear-cut best practices let you know where you should start and what things you should during virtualization.   Almost everything is up for grabs these days. Given these changes, how do you, the virtualization newbie, decide what to view? If you are unsure if you should head down the virtualization path or not, here are three helpful questions that will help you decide if it's time.

1. Are your current servers at the "end of life" stage, and dedicated to single functions?

This first question reminds us of a client we began serving three years ago. Their systems were at EOL, but had ballooned over time to nine separate servers! Each server was dedicated to just a single function but the utilization never exceeded 30% on any of them. Most were down around 5-10%! The overhead to maintain this mess was high. Fortunately, the client was open and excited about fresh ideas. We white-boarded a new architecture for him using Virtualization. He could simplify, consolidate, regain lost space and best of all -- save big dollars!

2. Are you seeking to increased uptime or creating a “high availability” platform?

In other words, shouldn’t the servers work for YOU and be configured to back each other up in case of sudden failure in one of them?

3. Would you like to consolidate “server sprawl” into a cost-effective, space-efficient package?

Commercial real estate is expensive, isn’t it? Don’t you want to get some of it back from your old, space-hogging physical servers? Virtualization allows you to run many different server functions and operating systems on a single, slim, space-saving appliance.

Connections Can Help

If you want to simplify and consolidate your IT, regain lost space and save money, let Connections help. Call us at (954) 920-9604

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