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What are Hosted Offices?

April 05, 2013 Cloud

What are hosted officers? Office hosting is similar to Desktop Hosting, except your entire office is hosted regardless of individual user locations.

 Installing and maintaining separate PC workstations for an entire office and business is even more complex when users have the ability or need to work from anywhere. Here at Connections for Business, we’ve created ConnectCare Virtual Hosted Office which we believe is the easiest way for your business to access the necessary data and applications from anywhere at any time and under any type of condition.  There are many benefits to having a hosted office. Some of these include:

1. Reduction in cost of your IT
2. A huge saving in the cost of hardware
3. Near-zero downtime in the event of hardware failures
4. You may access companies information from home
5. Remote and mobile employees can have high speed, secure access to your systems
6. Rent Microsoft products as needed instead of purchasing and upgrading over and over

Knowing what are hosted offices now shows you that your business can save time, money, and people. Hosted offices are changing the way businesses access and leverage both their data and IT infrastructure and helping businesses virtualize their company.  Most small to medium sized businesses want two things, cost effective IT solutions and; flexibility, support and security.  By utilizing everything cloud computing and hosted office programs have to offer, you’re getting both.


Have more questions about what are hosted offices? Give us a call now to learn more.

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