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Being Heldback by Your IT Guy

April 25, 2024


You think about all the different things that can hold us back in life, right? If I don't have the strength in my finance, then I may not be able to negotiate well with a bank to be able to get a line of credit to be able to do something. Well, similarly, if I can't scale with my IT, that can hold me back.

How does it hold me back?  It's insidious because what we'll find is your own staff who you're paying their salary. They're now trying to solve their IT problem. Why? Because your IT can't resolve the problem for them or they're having the problem in the first place. And so the mission of IT is to prevent problems from even happening to begin with.

That's one, number two, when a problem does occur to be able to answer it in a swift order to get people back on track. And number three, to be able to look ahead.

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