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How is Connections Different?

April 18, 2024 Tech Tips, IT, proactive, leadership


Most people, most IT firms in South Florida, regardless of their size, operate as if they were the IT guy. Think about that for just a minute, right? When I was small, three, four-person company, if my toilet backed up, I had a plumber guy. And if my IT broke, I had an IT guy. It was somebody that I would call and they would come out when they could to fix my problem.

And they were good, they knew their stuff.  But as I got larger, I outgrew that IT guy. Well, here's what's funny.  If you outgrew the IT guy, what are you looking for?  What's bigger than my IT guy?  An IT Department. What is an IT Department? Well I talked about this earlier, but that's where you're gonna have, you know, you've got the reactive support, you've got the proactive support, you've got IT leadership is the essence of an IT department. So if you've got a larger group of people, let's say a 10 or 15-person IT company, but they're operating as an IT guy, what you really have is a group of 10 or 15 IT guys.

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