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Connectors Executive Network hosts its' first successful event!

June 29, 2017


The Connectors Executive Network met last night, in Boca Raton, to discuss "best practices for hiring and retaining great employees."  The turnout was incredible!

Some people traveled quite a few miles, some even had to endure rush hour traffic just to attend the event!    The journey was worth it, I can guarantee you that much.  "The whole point of these events are for the guests to gain from them," said David Bennett.  "I want our guests to learn something new, to walk away with an action item, whether it's a new way or idea on how to make results driven changes at work or maybe the event produced some great new business connections!"

The idea for this event is that everyone leaves with at least one takeaway!   “The best way to get something done is to get started!"  There’s no time like the present, so go get started on your follow ups.

Each one of our speakers offered really great advice last night so I thought I would share a few of their key ideas;

Debi Davis, Co-Owner of The Case Team spoke about the interviewing & hiring processes.   Asking the right questions can be the key to hiring a great fit for your organization.   “Ask your candidate to tell you 5 things about them that isn’t in their resume or have them tell you what they enjoy doing most when they’re not at work!”   Throw in the Predictive Index personality test and you should have some good data to help in your decision-making process!

Doug Cohen, President of Summit Performance touched on the importance of conducting “Stay Interviews” – most likely an oversight in hundreds of thousands of businesses.  I’m guessing there’s just as much value, if not more in knowing why some employees stay with us as long as they do!   You won’t know until you ask!

Heath Eskalyo, Principle Partner/CFO at Kelley Kronenberg had a lot to say about the importance of finding out what makes certain groups of employees motivated and engaged so that they’re bringing their best to the table.   If Millennials required more engagement, then the support of this was given by  execs at Kelley Kronenberg!   Happy employees can make all the difference, sometimes it just takes getting to know what makes your employees happy!

If you have any questions about the Connectors Executive Network events or our services here at Connections for Business, please feel free to reach out by visiting our contact us page.  You can also call us direct at 954-920-9604 

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