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Seeing Past Help Desk



To most South Florida small business owners.

The purpose of outsourced tech or manage services boils down to one service.

Help Desk.

You know…

Help Desk - The act of calling someone for tech help when you’re sitting at your computer and stuck.

To a business with a little more experience at outsourcing they might also include computer patching to their basic requirements and understanding.

The most basic form of patching is Microsoft Windows patching and updates .


Help Desk and Patching.

Yep, that’s what most people think about when they think about outsourcing their tech.

But what about leadership?

What about management?

What about monitoring?

What about maintenance?

What about planning?

What about productivity?

The reality is this…

Most small business owners  in South Florida don’t understand the value of tech in their business.

At least not enough to look past Help Desk.

It’s easy to see how this situation arises.

Help Desk is typically the most used product that a tech provider offers.

It’s also where the most person-to-person interaction happens.

And as a result, a business owners experience and expectations around outsourced IT is limited.

And these limitations influence a business owner's perception.

And when you think small, you get small.

Developing a more balanced picture around the tech in your business can help your business in many ways.

Having an outsourced IT provider that’s integrated into your business can make a huge difference.

Which leaves us with the question.

How do I integrate with my tech provider?


FIrst you need to find the right tech provider.

Then, you’ll need to be open to integrating.

The whole process is known as…

"Getting Your Tech Right".

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