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Cyber Security Workshop Coming to Businesses Near You

Cyber Security Workshop Coming to Businesses Near You

Last week, our own Master of Disaster, Jonathan Garber, presented a Cyber Security Workshop for the Florida Institute of CPA’s (FICPA). This was a CPE-certified course reviewing common system threats, with a general overview of all aspects of cyber security.

Jon covered real life examples of security threats, EFT fraud, and the security-related aspects of cloud computing (note the Cloud blazer attire).  Attendees also learned some methods to discovering system weaknesses.

Jon discussed:

1)     Who is attacking them

2)     How they are being attacked

3)     Why they are being attacked

4)     What they can do to mitigate personal and company exposure to data and identity theft.

If you are interested in having Connections come speak at your local organization, please give us a call at (954) 624-9604. Not only will you be entertained, but you will also learn a lot on this important topic, based on more than a decade of specialized expertise on the topic of Cyber Security. Since 1976, Connections has served over 2,000 customers including companies such as ADT Security, Tyco and Florida Power & Light.

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