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Hurricane Season is Coming

May 24, 2013

Batten down the hatches! Hurricane Season Begins June 1


The 2013 Hurricane Season starts June1. Are you ready? Forecasters said Wednesday that the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season is likely to be "above normal and possibly extremely active," predicting three to six major hurricanes this season.

"NOAA predicts an above normal and possibly an extremely active hurricane season with a range of 13 to 20 named storms," 7 to 11 of which are forecast to turn into hurricanes and three to six of which are forecast to turn into major hurricanes, said Kathryn Sullivan, acting NOAA administrator.

The 2012 Hurricane Season was one of the busiest on record. Imagine what 2013 will bring. Remember, the quantity of storms doesn't matter. It takes only one hit from a storm to take your business down. Most businesses which suffer two weeks of downtime close permanently within one year. Superstorm Sandy last years wasn't even a hurricane when it hit yet left devastation and over $50 billion in business losses in its wake.

So what should you do? Consider moving your vital business data to The Cloud. The Cloud is the fastest growing business trend and the key to accomplishing initiative such as Mobility, Remote Access, Enhanced Security, Legal Compliance and of course, Business Continuity.

Are you ready to learn more?

If so, please join me on June 19 for an Executive Briefing on
Cloud Computing: What is it and What does it mean for your Business?


You saw the devastation left in Oklahoma last week from one tornado.

Please watch this short video invitation and register to join me.

I'll see you on June 19!

Jonathan Garber, The Master of Disaster



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