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Is Connections Up-toDate?

May 15, 2024


You know, we do a lot of things. First off, we're all constant consummate readers. We're reading, reading, reading. We're all playing. Almost all of us have home labs where we leave work, we go home and our hobby is playing with technology that we use at work. I mean, it's, it's almost kind of silly, but we really love what we do.

We have an opportunity. We have opportunities to express these things. We've got daily huddle meetings where is there anything new that we need to talk about? We've got weekly team meetings. We've got a monthly staff meetings where we're talking and every single one of those, especially like the monthly staff meeting, we'll have a, typically a segment where we'll talk about a new or innovative technology.

And the purpose is everyone should be getting uplifted on that, including people in finance and in marketing, and it doesn't really matter. It's not just the technology nerds who are talking about this, but it's everybody who should have an opportunity to be able to see and grow because they may see an opportunity where a client could be helped.

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