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What Do Ramen Noodles and Outsourcing Your IT Have in Common?

March 23, 2017 Managed IT Services

I was in college, living paycheck to paycheck, eating Ramen Noodles and buying all non-brand name products.  So outsourcing any type of service wasn't really an option for me. It wasn’t a choice, it was reality and it was the way it had to be. I was living on a budget so that one day I could enjoy the finer things in life. My beautiful college girlfriend (who by the way is now my beautiful wife) nagged and nagged about the color of our walls until one day I decided I’d just paint them myself. I couldn’t afford to outsource the paint job. How hard could it be? I went to the local paint store, bought the cheapest brand of paint I could find, came home threw on some coveralls and began to paint.  Close to 2 weeks later, I was done. I stood in front of those walls and I knew deep down I’d done a crap job! I knew that it would have looked a thousand times better if I had outsourced the job to the professionals. But the cost was right and that was that.

Fast forward twenty years, I am a homeowner and a father of 3 amazing children. A few days ago my lovely wife asked if we can change the color of the walls in a few of the downstairs rooms and a room or two upstairs could use some livening up. Things are different now. We can afford to hire the best, to outsource this job to “professionals” who can finish the job in 2 days instead of 2 weeks. This time I knew I could stand in front of those newly painted walls and think, “This is amazing. I could never have done this!”

It was the absolute truth. I am a professional when it comes to any and all things IT. But a painter I am not! Why would I paint if I didn’t have to?

I could give you about 100 reasons why you should OUTSOURCE your IT but I believe you already know.  Maybe up until now you’ve been doing just fine with the IT resources you’ve had. However while you were busy concentrating on and growing your business, your IT needs were growing alongside your business!

All of these reasons I’ve mentioned, when it comes down to it proves one thing.  A significant amount of time has been wasted and in the business world time means money.   You’ve lost a lot of money but you can put an end to that the minute you decide to let the “professionals” take care of your IT needs so you can get back to running your business.

Many leading organizations will take advantage of third party support by hiring a company like Connections for Business to handle their entire IT Infrastructure. Request a Free CyberSecurity Risk Assessment today, it's free and there is NO obligation.   We'll just check to see if your technology needs are being met.



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