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What is Cyber Liability Insurance? And Why Should I Care? Interview with Steve Breitbart of Cypress Insurance Group

September 06, 2016 Security

Having cyber liability insurance is arguably one of the most important things you can do for your business. Like death and taxes, data breaches are a fact of life now. It's no longer if it happens, but rather when it happens: How will your small or midsized business be ready to manage all of the risks and the costs?


Steve Breitbart Cypress Insurance Steve Breitbart Cypress Insurance Group


Recently David Bennett of Connections for Business met with Steve Breitbart of Cypress Insurance Group to take a hard look at cyber liability insurance and the risks at stake from a data breach. Although cyber insurance has been around for 10 years, what he shared is most businesses seem to have not heard of it, or know that it exists until it’s too late. David was so surprised to learn about this and all of the changes that had occurred in the product in just the past couple of years, he asked Steve if he could record their call to share it with you.

Listen to the interview as Steve shares some real-life case stories and how to get ahead of it.

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