Hurricanes are the costliest severe weather events in recorded U.S. history. From 2018 to 2020, hurricanes accounted for 50 individual climate disasters, with damages over $1 billion. The year 2021 was the second-costliest year on record (2017 being the costliest), with insured losses amounting to more than $120 billion in hurricane-related damages.

90% of small businesses close for good if they fail to restore operations within five days of a disaster. The longer a business takes to recover, the more likely it'll fail.

Businesses today operate in a global, digital-first economy. Your organization and your clients must be ready to deal with the potential ramifications of hurricanes on employees, operations, and technology. Leaving your business and your clients vulnerable to natural disasters can prove to be a costly mistake.

In preparation for hurricane season, download this checklist to ensure your technology and data stay secure and accessible even during a severe weather event or other natural disasters.