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Years ago when we first got into the IT services and tech consulting field here in South Florida, a group of us wanted to figure out a way to explain tech to people in a way that made sense.

We knew that talking tech to people didn’t work, and so through some trial and error ( and a lot of customer feedback), we came up with the 4 areas of tech that resonated with people. We call them The 4 Pillars of Tech:

The 4 pillars are interrelated, meaning that they build on each other while at the same time they compliment each other. To achieve the ultimate goal of productivity, it’s important to have the other 3 pillars in place. It’s an all for one and one for all sort of thing.

At Connections for Business, we have one overriding passion - which is to help our clients achieve their vision for their company by supporting their IT services. We provide a full service enterprise class IT solution to small and medium sized businesses here in South Florida.



Let’s break that down for you.

A simple call or email and you have an experienced IT service technician working to resolve a problem or answer a question that you have. Behind the scenes is our network operations center or NOC. This team is responsible to ensure that everything is patched and that all your data is backed up every day.

Then we’ve got what we call Strategery. Working with you, we build and execute a roadmap to effectively move your business forward from essential budgeting of your IT services spend, reducing operational expenses and improving your security practices, we systematically develop your IT to support your core purpose…your ‘Why’. Putting it all together allows us to manage, monitor and maintain your IT environment. Now that’s a full service IT solution!

When Connections for Business onboards a new client, we evaluate their business against the 4 pillars to build an initial road map for their tech. Then with that plan in place. We’re able to get their environment to where it needs to be - Recoverable, Reliable, Secure and Productive.

“Connections came in, they did a complete assessment of where we were. they came back with broke it all down with little bite sized pieces that made it manageable for us.”

Tiffany Dhooge
CEO / Children’s Harbor
Southwest Ranches, Florida

“The thing with Connections for Business is basically the introduction to new technologies and different technologies that we weren’t aware of. They certainly helped us become more efficient ( and showed us how to ) basically expedite the work through technology. That’s really been Beneficial to everybody.”

David Barnett
Founder - Barnett, Lerner, Karsen & Frankel, P.A.
Dania Beach, Florida

“There is always someone there to help us and that’s the comfort as to why we like working with Connections.”

Michael Davis - Partner Boone & Davis, Attorneys at Law Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“They have provided service that is unmatched. It is personal, it is competent, it is swift and it is very friendly. Not once have I been disappointed, not once.”

Jim Carlton
Administrative Assistant - Episcopal Diocese
Miami, Florida

If you are passionate about growing your South Florida business through top rated IT services, we invite you to have a conversation with us to explore the possibilities that you have likely only dreamed about. Set yourself free from the shackles that are holding your company back.

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