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CAUTION: Apple Phishing Scam

August 03, 2014 Security, Phishing

 Watch out for "Some Limitations Have Been Placed on Your Apple Account" E-mail Scam Email Phishing Scam

Be on the lookout for an email from "Apple" that tells you "You may have noticed that some limitations have been placed on your Apple account. This is part of our security process and helps ensure that we continue to be a safer way to buy and sell. Often all that's needed is a bit more information about you."   DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS INCLUDED IN THAT EMAIL.  ODDS ARE IT'S A SCAM.

While the email may look like it's officially from Apple, the "Verify Now" link actually takes you to a phishing site where hackers and cyber criminals will gather personal information that could potentially be used to steal your identity.

Remember, as a rule of thumb, do NOT click blindly on anything you get in an email without doing just some quick analysis of who it is really from and where it is really taking you to. As the famous saying goes, "Let's be careful out there."

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