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Zen and the Art of IT Backup - Principle 1

August 08, 2014 Backup

Principle 1 - Scope

Excited, the new apprentice jumped right into his Master’s training server.

The apprentice asked, “Master what files should I backup?”

The Master replied, “Does not the mother bird care for all her fledglings? Will not the shepherd watch over his entire flock? Therefore, one must backup all files in one’s care, no matter how small or insignificant we consider them to be. Each file has its importance and must not be overlooked.”

The apprentice was excited to perform his first backup, so he said “I will backup all my important files, but not system and program files, as they can always be reinstalled from the CDs that came with the computer and programs.”

The Master said nothing.

The next day the hard disk on the Master’s training server crashed. Two days later, the apprentice was still trying to find the CDs.

Lesson to Learn: Backup ALL your Data

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