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Is Your Data at Risk? - An IT Audit Will Let You Know!

December 11, 2017 IT Audit, Managed IT Services, Security

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An IT Audit is performed by a third party and is an in-depth analysis of a company’s technical environment, including its existing computer applications, hardware infrastructure, IT plan and IT related personnel. The Audit results in a detailed written report and guide that recommend strategic business initiatives pertaining to rightsizing internal and external practices and systems. In a nutshell, the audit will help to uncover areas of concern and will offer solutions to fix these issues.

No one likes going to the doctor for a checkup...

The thought of having to get a physical sucks, period. There’s nothing fun about being probed and prodded but we all go because we realize that getting a physical is a necessity – they can even help save our lives! Getting an IT Audit is kind of like taking your company to see the doctor, to get a checkup!

Many businesses are spending large amounts of money on IT because they recognize the tremendous benefits that IT can bring to their operations and services. However they need to ensure that their IT systems are reliable, secure and not vulnerable to computer attacks.

Here's four reasons to do an IT Audit:

  • Assures data is adequately protectedGetting an IT Audit gives businesses assurance that the IT systems are adequately protected and properly managed. That piece of mind is better than an IT headache.
  • Provides reliable information about current status of IT system. Finding a fault in your system before it blows up on you is sort of like finding out your have high cholesterol before you have a heart attack. Fixing high cholesterol is pretty easy with a change in diet, or perhaps some meds. Having a triple bypass, not so easy. Finding a fixing an IT issue before it blows up, same thing.
  • Reduces risks of data tampering and loss, and service disruptionIT Audits also help to reduce risks of data tampering, data loss or leakage, service disruption, and poor management of IT systems.
  • Improves your company's bottom lineFinding a fixing a hole in your IT is preventative. That's the cheapest medicine! An outage (and possible data loss) is an EXPENSIVE mistake. Finding and fixing a problem before it blows up puts money straight to your bottom line.


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