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The Vital Importance of Alignment

May 24, 2024

If you think about your car, you got new tires on your car and you drive it around. And then you're told a year later, you need to have the tires realigned, but hold on a minute, didn't they align it properly when they, when they put on the tires? Yes. So what happened? Well, over the course of a year, things got out of alignment.

Well, how does alignment problems occur? If I have your systems all dialed into best practices. How can misalignments occur? A lot of different ways.  Human error is the most obvious,  right? You don't have administrative rights on your system. You're not supposed to, but we're trying to fix something as a test.

We made you an administrator to test them. And then we forgot to take that administrative rights off  in our office. If I were to make you an administrator within 24 hours, we would have a ticket going, "John just got elevated to administrator. Why?"  And so there's a control in place. To say, let's fix it back, realign back to our best practice to where John, the user is no longer just an  administrator. He's back to a regular user.

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