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Why Organize My Company Data?

January 08, 2019 Managed IT Services



They say that information is power.

Therefore content, data, and documents are power.

One of the messiest things I see when working IT for client's businesses is how they organize their content data and documents.

Mostly how they don’t.

You know that big giant pile of paper you have on your desk?

It’s kind of like that...but worse.

How a company organizes their data is actually important for several reasons.

Reasons for organizing your data.

First, well organized catalog data is easier to find.

It seems obvious, but the number of times I’ve seen people hunting around for a document would lead me to believe otherwise.

It can be pretty frustrating when you’re looking for a document and don’t remember where you put it.

The second reason is security.

Organized content data and documents can be put into specific buckets.

Those buckets in turn can be secured - based on criteria set by your business.

Access can then be granted in a structured manner.

This helps keep your information protected.

The third reason is control.

Also known as data loss prevention.

If your data is organized and you have the right security in place, layering on controls becomes possible.

Remember that thing called GDPR?

With organized data, being able to adhere to regulations becomes a lot easier.

Having your content data and documents tidy and organized helps you implement controls to know where your data is at.

You can then apply controls to know if something has been shared or if a piece of data is trying to be removed.

You get the idea.

This level of accountability, control and visibility has quickly become the reality for many South Florida businesses across every industry.

People travel.

People share things.

People make mistakes.

If one of your employees started sharing your company's data would it matter to you?

If your company’s intellectual property got out would that be a problem for you?

Information management is a real thing.

Yet it’s something most businesses never think about until it’s too late.

Until a security breach happens.

But then it’s too late and all that you can do is to react to what just happened.

The sad thing is that even after security incidents happen, most South Florida businesses still never take the time or have the desire to get organized.

Getting your tech right is about productivity.

Productivity is unhindered regulated access content data and documents.

Need help organizing your data, documents and content?

I do that.

Need help securing and managing your data, documents and content?

I do that too.

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