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Zen and the Art of IT Support - The Moral of Our Story

November 21, 2014 Managed IT Services

Jack was befuddled.  He had wanted to learn the Art of IT Support under the Master, but just didn’t understand.

“Master, I came to you to be enlightened on Information Technology, yet you only focused on Response, Communication, Speed, Satisfaction, Risk, Guarantees and Documentation.  Why must I be bothered with these things when I only want to work on the technology?”

“Young apprentice,” the Master spoke sternly.  “Unless you follow the wisdom of the 7 Principles of IT Support, you will never achieve enlightenment.”

Young Jill followed the path to enlightenment, which Jack fought and struggled.

“My young grasshoppers, you must learn how I achieve the Art of IT Support.  My secret is the Masters of IT Support at IntelliPoint Technologies.  They have mastered the 7 Principles, and that is why I am pleased to announce that Jill will be placed with IntelliPoint to help carry on this long and honored tradition,” beamed the Master.

“But-- but Master,” Jack whined.  “Jill does not have the technical skills or expertise I have.  I am the one who can re-script a database, or reconfigure an email system.  Yet you place humble little Jill with the premier IT provider IntelliPoint Technologies?!  I can’t believe it!”

The Master exclaimed, “Ahhh, young grasshopper, you will never learn that being arrogant and haughty will only lead to failure.  Only those who truly accept the 7 Principles, and diligently hone their skills as a technician will ultimately achieve Zen and the Art of IT Backup!”

If you'd like to receive a full copy of the book, Zen and the Art of IT Support, contact Jonathan Garber (Master of Disaster) at (954) 920-9604.

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