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Is Your Security Managed?

October 03, 2018 Security



It’s not just about having a firewall.

It’s not just about having antivirus software.

It’s not just about encrypting your hard drives.

Here comes the big question…


Protecting your South Florida company's tech environment is not about checking checkboxes.

It’s about proactively and reactively managing.

It’s about having a plan.

Here are 8 things your IT provider should be managing for you as part of their offering.

Virus Protection

Antivirus protection should be installed on all computers and kept up to date.

Malware Protection

Your computers should protected and regularly scanned for malware.


Your firewall is a living breathing device that protects your network. It should be running services like Intrusion Protection and Content Filtering. Firewall services and firmware should be maintained and updated regularly.

Disk Encryption

Disk encryption is built into Windows and MacOS. It should be on and managed by your provider. They key word is managed.

Network Encryption

Access to your company’s resources should be encrypted. If you don’t know if this is being done. Ask your provider for proof that your data is being encrypted across your network.

Security Testing

Access to systems and data should be tested periodically to shore up any risks that might be out there. If you haven’t seen a report in a while. Ask your provider if they do this for you?

IT Manual

Part of security is having a written process of how things are done. This helps ensure you are receiving quality IT service and helps to set expectations about how things are done in your environment. Documentation should be kept up to date and reviewed for accuracy.

Security Manual

Above and beyond having an IT process is having a general understanding of the methods used to protect your environment. This documentation can help with completing applications for cyber security insurance or other security interactions that may take place in your business with vendors and clients.

The tech in your business is a living, breathing thing.

It needs to be managed, monitored and maintained for it to be effective.

Tech is not 'set and forget'.

Get managed.

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