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What Happens When You Apply Tech Band-Aids

April 17, 2019 Tech Tips




Most tech environments have tech 'band-aids'.

Tech band-aids are short cuts or workarounds exist in an information technology environment.

Tech band-aids can exist for many reasons.

Sometimes they’re warranted...meaning that a work around is required to keep things working. This could be due to a vendor deficiency or a process that’s specific to a certain environment.

These types of tech patches, while not ideal, are just a part of life here in South Florida business. Often they are only discovered during IT assessments.

You apply the band-aid with the hopes that someday it can be removed.


Enter the Bad Tech Band-aids.

Bad tech band-aids are often applied by lazy or inexperienced inside technical people or even internal IT staff. 

Sometimes theses patches or workarounds can be really bad.

As I work with new clients throughout South Florida I often find a band-aid or two that makes me go---huh?

The worst part is that these patches are usually undocumented.

Meaning some IT / tech guy did something one day to get something to work and then moved on without documenting the band-aid.

These are problems waiting to be found...usually at inopportune times.

These are wounds that have never properly healed...and are festering under the band-aid.

The sad thing is that your very own tech environment may have some of these bad tech band-aids.

They’re just waiting to surface when you least expect them.


It’s Important to Know What Your IT Environment Shortcomings Are.

We all have them.

It’s just important to have them documented.

So when the time comes and something goes horribly wrong ( as it inevitably will ) you’re not sitting there frustrated while someone sorts through the technical mess that is your tech environment.

Getting things set up properly helps to reduce the need or reliance on tech band-aids.

If you'd like to make sure your IT systems aren't a patchwork of band-aids, my advice would be as follows:

Get your tech set up properly ( we offer IT assessments if you'd like )

If absolutely needed apply tech band-aids...sparingly.

And last but not least:

When you apply a tech band-aid...

Document it.


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