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Mugging in the Library

June 14, 2019 Tech Tips

Someone asked me what a 'dictionary attack' is. Good question, as it sound like maybe someone got mugged in the library. I mean, a dictionary is a pretty big, heavy book.

In the computer world, a dictionary is a list of words or phrases. There are a number of places on the internet you can download some pretty massive dictionaries.

So when a hacker stumbles upon a prompt for a password on any device you have exposed on the internet, they simply point a program at it that tries any possible combination from a dictionary to crack the password.

Not a problem if you are using a complex, secure password.

Kiss your stuff goodbye if your password is in the dictionary.

If your South Florida company's IT team isn't forcing you to maintain complex passwords, then you know they likely aren't using complex passwords either. That puts you and your data at risk.

Wondering if your IT systems are secure?

It's easy to have a third party IT assessment done so you know for sure.

That's peace of mind.

Just ask us and we're happy to check your system out. From Pembroke Pines to to Boca Raton to West Palm Beach and across South Florida, we work with companies in every industry from healthcare to construction.

If we find some problems, you can give your current IT team a piece of your mind!


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