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How VPN Deployment Improves Business Productivity

December 05, 2014 Cloud Computing

Anytime, anyplace network access gives employees great flexibility regarding when and where they perform their job functions.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Productivity

November 03, 2014 Cloud Computing

The weather report is in, and it's "cloudy with a chance of productivity!"  With all the talk about cloud computing these days, you might be wondering how it could impact your company.

Cloud based managed services are a safe alternative to storing business data and information on your servers. Also it represents a cost-effective way to run your company and its computer system. Why? Because you don’t have to go and buy all kinds of expensive equipment for your infrastructure. By letting us store your information and manage your services on our servers, you are saving lots of money you can use for other things.

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Are Your Assets Covered?

February 20, 2014 Cloud Computing

Why Every Business Should Consider Digital Assets Protection
Interview with The Master of Disaster and Steve Breitbart


I recently sat down with Steve Breitbart of Cypress Insurance to find out what's new in market that Business Owners may not be aware of. We discussed Digital Assets Protection. This is a relatively new insurance product that every business should look at. If you are using Cloud Computing like the Virtual Hosted Office from Connections or maintain servers onsite, Digital Assets Protection can mean the difference between keeping the doors open and going out of business after a significant data loss.

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What are Hosted Offices?

April 05, 2013 Cloud Computing

What are hosted officers? Office hosting is similar to Desktop Hosting, except your entire office is hosted regardless of individual user locations.

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Exchange Hosting in South Florida

August 17, 2012 Cloud Computing

Considering email is a mission-critical communications tool that allows people to efficiently interact,

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How Does Cloud Computing Help My Business?

April 11, 2012 Cloud Computing

Today, more than ever, the speed in which technology is changing and evolving is unheard of.

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How Hosted Office in Florida Benefits Your Business

February 29, 2012 Cloud Computing

If you're like most small to medium sized business owners today keeping an eye on the latest technology out there, you're probably somewhat familiar with or at the very least have head the terms cloud computing and hosted office.

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What Exactly is Hosted Office?

January 20, 2012 Cloud Computing

You may or may not be familiar with the term hosted exchange depending on how much time and energy you spend keeping up to date with the latest technology trends. Therefore, you may or may not know what exactly is hosted office?

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Cloud Computing for Small to Medium Sized Business in Florida

July 29, 2011 Cloud Computing

Although the buzz surrounding clouds, as they relate to technology, has gotten increasingly greater recently, you still may not fully understand what it is.

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Six Reasons to Choose Hosted Solutions over Traditional IT

December 10, 2010 Cloud Computing

If you want to save your organization a good amount of money on hardware, software and support, you ought to be looking at the various hosted IT solutions that are available.

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