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Response Time Matters

Have you ever called into a service provider and been told that your hold time is going to be about 30 minutes?

Have you ever sent an email to a service provider that somehow disappeared into the ether?

Have you ever been given a specific service time window only to find that the guy shows up late  or doesn’t show up at all?

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I Can't Find My IT Guy

 If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say they had an IT "guy"....  and these words were coming straight from the mouths of business owners and top level executives. 

You have to remember, some companies, though small in size, can still earn millions of dollars annually.  And because they’re smaller businesses they think they can't afford the help of an entire department to run their network. 

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Protecting Our Children From the Internet!

Protecting our children from the Internet


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What is Managed IT Services?

October 09, 2016 IT Support

If your small or medium sized business is struggling with new or existing technology systems, you're probably asking yourself: what is managed IT services? For the last 40 years, Connections for Business has been helping companies implement and maintain high functioning, superior IT infrastructures in a cost effective manner.

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Zen and the Art of IT Support - The Moral of Our Story

November 21, 2014 IT Support

Jack was befuddled.  He had wanted to learn the Art of IT Support under the Master, but just didn’t understand.

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Zen and the Art of IT Support – Document

November 14, 2014 IT Support

Jack was summoned to the Master’s lair the next day.  “Jack, please show me the blacksmith’s checklist.”

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Zen and the Art of IT Support – Guarantee

November 07, 2014 IT Support

The Master sent Jack to a friend of his at a neighboring blacksmith’s shop, who was having trouble with his network.  The Master said, “Jack, go to my friend’s shop and use this checklist to analyze his network.  Then, report back to me.”

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Zen and the Art of IT Support – Risks

October 31, 2014 IT Support

The Master assigned Jack and Jill to a project for the administrative temple to move a database from their legacy server to a new server.  Jill started prepping to backup the legacy server, as the Master instructed, when Jack came through the door.

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Zen and the Art of IT Support – Satisfaction

October 24, 2014 IT Support

It was late afternoon at the end of the workday. The Master was prepping for his afternoon meditation when the phone rang.  It was an irritated User on the other end.

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Zen and the Art of IT Support – Speed

October 17, 2014 IT Support

The phone rang and Jack answered quickly, and spoke clearly, saying, “How may I assist you today?”  The Master smiled.

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